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easy folding and opening,accessorie basket,bottle or cup socket,PVC cover for easy cleaning,5 point safety belt,2 trays /upper removable tray////

Comfortable and practical – this is the high chair for the selection of which your child would have surely said “Bravo!” if it could do this. Compact design, fresh colours and prints – those are only the first impressions about the model. Practicality has been designed with sufficient thinking of both of you and the little culinary expert – the high chair has PVC coating for easy cleaning and two trays, while the upper one is removable both for cleaning and to turn the high chair into a “desktop” for the little child to play. The model folds and unfolds easily and child’s safety is ensured by safety belts. The comfort of eating is guaranteed by the special compartments for either a mug or a bottle on the tray. For your convenience the model has a basket for accessories, especially practical for children with low appetite who demand serious amusements to be persuaded to eat.

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Βάρος 6,6500 kg
Διαστάσεις 75 × 60 × 100 cm

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